Traffic Management Safety

In the modern world, our way of life requires cars and roads. Now more than ever, road safety is of the most serious issues worldwide. It affects everyone who uses the road network system—whether you drive, walk, cycle or push a pram.

At TCMAP, we consider road safety to be a fundamental element of the overall traffic system. Whether it is a planning or design issue, or an existing risk waiting to be uncovered, it’s hard to overstate the importance of road safety awareness.

As specialists in traffic control management, we engineer solutions to mitigate road safety risks for all road users. Our team of highly experienced and accredited road safety staff can provide services to all industries.

The importance of Traffic Control Safety on Worksites

The law requires officially recognised traffic control measures to accompany any work within 1.2 metres of a roadway. You may think that your work will not interrupt the normal flow of traffic, but do you really know the risks? The truth is that any work within 1.2 metres of the road creates a potentially unsafe situation for on-site workers, and for the general public.

By engaging a team of traffic control professionals, you can eliminate unnecessary risks. You will also ensure that your operations comply with current road traffic laws. So it’s not just common sense – it’s also the law!

An Unsafe Worksite

Imagine a contractor, trying to save money on safety measures. Part of their worksite falls within 1.2 metres of a road, with cars and trucks travelling past at 80-100 km/hour. Employees sometimes need to walk along the roadside to navigate the work site – but, since there are no lane closures, the contractor has decided they don’t really need a barrier.

The particular roadside is uneven, so one of the workers misjudges a step and stumbles onto the roadway. At this speed, a vehicle could easily hit the worker before the driver has a chance to react. Or, maybe the driver reacts quickly and avoids the worker – but now the situation gets even worse. The car swerves into the opposite lane, and collides with an oncoming truck. By starting out with an irresponsible approach to road safety, the contractor has caused a major traffic accident which they could have easily prevented.

Obviously, the contractor is in deep trouble! The drivers involved are most certainly injured, or worse. And even if the drivers escape unharmed, their insurance companies will surely require an investigation of the work site. Police inspection will quickly reveal that the contractor has failed to meet required safety standards, making them liable for this terrible accident.

A Full Safety Audit

Once an investigation begins, it will quickly reveal every other shortcut the contractor has taken. Failing to provide traffic safety measures is only the beginning! After showing their disregard for legal safety procedures, our imaginary contractor won’t get far trying to convince the investigators to excuse minor problems. They may have gotten away with inadequate safety measures in the past, but not any more. Now all those cut corners will contribute to a clear picture of their negligence.

If only they had avoided putting themselves in such a compromised position from the start!

The Honest Approach

Be honest. If you have taken a “she’ll be right” approach to safety procedures in the past, it’s time for a change. Even if you’ve been lucky, and never had an accident on-site, your next job could be where your luck runs out. So why take the risk?

The consequences of ignoring road safety procedures are clear. Don’t expose yourself to to the legal, financial and moral costs of an accident which you could have prevented. Make the smart move and let TCMAP provide you with a traffic safety solution that’s effective, efficient, and affordable.

Placing appropriate signage around hazards is a vital component of maintaining public safety

Peace of Mind

There really is no room for error when it comes to safety. Why gamble with the safety of your workers, and of the general public? Why take unnecessary risks with the future of your business? When you take the proper safety procedures from the start, peace of mind is your reward.

With a qualified traffic safety expert like TCMAP handling all your safety concerns, you’ll be free from concerns about accidents and liability. It’s what we do best – so you can get on with the job your do best!

Commitment to Safety

We are absolutely committed to safety, and continually re-evaluate our processes and procedures in light of the latest industry developments. Providing services that ensure the safety and security of both people and infrastructure is the core of our business.

We offer a commitment to enhancing traffic operations and safety within work zones, through compliance, evaluation and implementation.

Safety for your worksite

Make traffic control safety a priority for your worksite by calling TCMAP today. For enquiries regarding the Traffic Control services that we provide, please contact us on 0409 324 143, 24 hours a day, 7 Days a Week.

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