Traffic Control Equipment Hire

Do you need first-rate Traffic Management Equipment Hire in Wollongong? TCMAP offers a great range of high quality products to enhance your work site. From traffic lights through to signage, our focus is on safety and compliance. Choose TCMAP for the best in:

We have a full range of traffic control equipment available for hire now
  • Quality equipment, chosen for compliance with national safety standards
  • Durable, reliable items that you can count on to get the job done
  • Affordable rates, with flexible options to suit your job

You can hire our equipment daily, weekly or monthly with special rates available for long term hire. Traffic Control Management and Planning maintains and manages all its equipment, so it makes sense for us to supply all your equipment needs. Why not get it from the one stop professionals?

Traffic Control Equipment Hire in Wollongong: Cones, Signs, Barriers, Bollards, Barricades…

All Traffic Control Management and Planning equipment conforms to or exceeds relevant Australian standards. Our gear is used every day by some of Australia’s largest contractors and road authorities, so you know you can count on us for all your safety equipment hire needs.

Stop/Slow bats and traffic control wands

The essential equipment for personnel directing traffic through closed or obstructed lanes. We offer robust, top-quality stop, slow and double-sided stop/slow bats for your on-site traffic controllers. For low visibility and night work, we also offer battery-operated traffic control wands.

(Remember, personnel using a stop/slow bat need to be trained and certified by a licensed trainer. If you require qualified staff as well as equipment hire, TCMAP is pleased to offer licensed traffic controllers for your project!)

T-top bollard with reflective collar

Traffic cones

The no-nonsense marker for laying out temporary lanes around your on-road or road-adjacent worksite. We can supply as many traffic cones as you need to safely mark out your work area. Our traffic cones come in a variety of sizes, with plain finish or high-visibility highlights for evening/night work.

Temporary and “permanent” signage

The ideal tool for clear communication with road and foot traffic. We offer a selection of temporary signage including roadwork warning/ending, temporary speed limits, hazard markers, and everything else you might need. We will also install “permanent” signage (fixed on-site) for long-term projects.

Barriers and bollards

Make the perimeter of your work area clear with our selection of barrier markers. Our range includes barrier boards, reflectors and hang signs, barrier meshes, durable bollards and more. Our barrier equipment will stand up to your worksite conditions and get the job done!

Safety clothing

Keep your personnel safe and your work site rolling with our extensive range of road safety clothing. We offer hi-vis safety vests, hard hats, gloves, sun protection gear and more. Insist on maximum visibility for minimum risk!

…and Everything Else!

This list is just the start for TCMAP’s huge range of traffic control equipment. Contact us today on 0490 324 143 to discuss the equipment hire needs unique to your work site.

Traffic cone with reflective collar
Road safety barrier on flooded road
Road closed sign in free-standing frame

Top-quality equipment

At TCMAP, we are serious about offering top-quality equipment, so we apply ourselves to careful management and maintenance. We know you need to rely on every item you hire! With excellent quality equipment that’s expertly maintained, you can count on us to be your safety net, no matter what your project entails!

Count on TCMAP

If you are based in or near Wollongong and want to hire quality traffic control equipment, chosen for compliance and reliability, TCMAP has the gear for you. Contact TCMAP on 0490 324 143, Monday to Friday, 7:30am – 5:00pm to discuss all your safety equipment hire needs.

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