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Traffic Control Management and Planning—Wollongong, Sydney, Nowra, Goulburn

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When your operations could impact local road activity, you can count on Wollongong's Traffic Control Management and Planning (TCMAP). With a history of satisfied partners in Sydney and throughout NSW, we have the experience and proven track record to provide exceptional service, every time. When it comes to traffic control services in the Wollongong, Sydney, Nowra and Goulburn regions, we are second to none! TCMAP are leaders in:

  • Safety
  • Professionalism
  • Cost-Effectiveness

If you need professional traffic control at an affordable price, then call TCMAP today!

Traffic Control, Wollongong and Sydney Services

TCMAP supplies a full range of traffic control services for deployment in Wollongong, Sydney and south as far as Nowra and Goulburn.

On-Site Traffic Controllers

Our fully trained, fully certified traffic control professionals are ready to bring our signature dedication and diligence to your worksite. All TCMAP traffic controllers have Roads and Maritime Services (RMS, formerly known as the RTA) qualifications. With our excellent record and outstanding results, you’ll find TCMAP to be the traffic control partner you can trust on any project, big or small.

Traffic Planning & Management

Whether you’re planning construction, roadworks or street parades, any project which impacts the road system needs a professional traffic management plan. Our traffic planning staff has experience with practically every traffic management scenario imaginable. You can count on our expertise to minimise risk, mitigate inconvenience and maximise efficiency.

We specialise in creating Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS), Traffic Control Plans (TCP) and Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMP). Don't get caught out by unexpected council or state regulations! We have experience with projects large and small, so you can count on us to create the right plan to the right standard.

Transport Management Plans

If you need to move an unusually large or heavy load by road, you may require a Transport Management Plan (TMP). A TMP is a document detailing how you plan to move an oversized or over-mass (OSOM) vehicle safely on NSW roads.

Under NSW law, a TMP is required for moving certain OSOM vehicles, considered to involve a higher than usual level of risk. This includes vehicles outside of certain weight or size ranges, vehicles on high risk routes, and vehicles carrying sensitive or hazardous materials. For public safety, an acceptable TMP must be approved by NSW authorities before a permit for the transport will be granted.

TCMAP has the expertise to design a Transport Management Plan to your specifications. If you need to move an oversized vehicle safely and within legal requirements, contact TCMAP today!

Equipment Hire

TCMAP offers a wide range of quality equipment to aid your project. Chosen for compliance and rigorously maintained, our equipment will stand up to your tasks and enhance your worksite. With a selection of hire terms and special rates, acquiring quality traffic control equipment has never been easier.

Ready for Any Task

Our fully trained and accredited team has the skills to handle your traffic control requirements to the highest standard. With a wide range of experience and a commitment to upholding industry standards, you’ll find TCMAP delivers outstanding service, every time.

Roadworks and Maintenance

When road works are necessary, traffic control is an essential part of keeping your project safe and efficient. From planning to implementation, TCMAP work with you and on your behalf to minimise risk to both road users, and workers. Dedicated to keeping up with industry standards and new innovations, we have a professional commitment to safety that will ensure we deliver the highest quality service for your roadworks project.

Event Planning and Traffic Management

It’s not always easy for motorists to share the road with athletes, parades or other special events. Effective traffic control solutions make all the difference between a successful event, and a frustrating delay. Let us show you why our clear communication and personal service set us apart when planning your event’s traffic management solution.

Emergency Traffic Control

Closures don’t always happen on schedule! From flooding to road accidents, there are a variety of emergency situations where you need professional traffic control without delay. When disaster strikes, you can count on Traffic Control Management and Planning to provide the expertise and diligence you need. Contact us 24/7 for immediate emergency response traffic control!

Employment in the Traffic Control Industry

If you have arrived on this page because you are interested in working with TCMAP, please see our traffic control employment page which outlines any vacancies we currently have and will give you an informative run-down of the qualifications that are both relevant and necessary.

Looking for Training?

As a newcomer to the industry, it can be hard to choose a training provider from the many available. While TCMAP isn't a training provider, we do have years of experience with the work of many different trainers. We'll be happy to put you in contact with reputable training providers we know and trust. If you'd like some advice, or some encouragement, feel free to contact us!

We invite interested traffic control trainees to do their final practical ‘live’ assessments with us. We can help you with your practical assessment for any of the following courses:

  • Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures (RIIWHS201D)
  • Communicate in the workplace (RIICOM201D)
  • Control traffic with stop-slow bat (RIIWHS205D)
  • Implement traffic management plan (RIIWHS302D)

You can choose either a single day-long assessment session or a series of shorter sessions. Call us today on 0490 324 143 to book in your practical assessment.

Service Area

We are based in the Wollongong area. As such we are handily placed to provide a swift response for traffic management services in or near Bulli, Corrimal, Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, Unanderra, Port Kembla, Warrawong, Albion Park, Shellharbour and Kiama. We provide services within a 50-km radius of Wollongong which means we also travel to the areas of Gerringong, Nowra, Goulburn, Marulan and Moss Vale for traffic control call-outs.

We are also available for jobs in the Sydney CBD and Greater Sydney Metropolitan area. With a wealth of experience in busy Sydney conditions, we're the perfect team to keep your Sydney worksite safe and efficient!

Need Council Approval on your Project?

If you require council approval because the proposed work will be likely to impact motor vehicle and or pedestrian traffic, a traffic management plan will need to be submitted to your local council. Whether it's a small local council or one of Sydney's many busy suburbs, we have a wealth of experience creating Traffic Guidance Schemes and Construction Traffic Management Plans.

TCMAP will work diligently, following council guidelines to formulate safe, cost-effective traffic management solution. Call us on 0490 324 143 today to get your project safely moving forward.

Traffic Management

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