Controlling Traffic in Sydney

Controlling traffic on busy Sydney intersection

Take a look at TCMAP's traffic control experience on the job at a busy Sydney intersection

If you've had the pleasure of driving an oversize vehicle in Sydney, then you know that the city streets can be pretty unforgiving. Narrow streets and tight corners are a nasty surprise for drivers who don't know the roads. Combined with the heavy traffic, urban Sydney roads are a constant challenge for trucks.

In front of the Airport Hotel in Arncliffe, the intersection presents a left-hand turn that would challenge any long vehicle. Late in 2016, it proved too much for a local truckie, whose vehicle mounted the kerb and caused serious damage to the hotel's front awning. If you watched the nightly news, you likely saw the encounter caught on camera from across the intersection.

A tricky repair job - traffic control was a must!

Fortunately, nobody was injured in the accident - but the damaged awning obviously posed a danger to pedestrians and vehicles. With no stopping lanes on these busy roads, the repairs would impact both the road and the footpath. Time for TCMAP to exercise our Sydney traffic control expertise!

The job involved closing the left-hand lane of the highway coming up to the corner, redirecting vehicles away from the turn. We would also need to divert foot traffic to a safe path around the damaged area as the repair work was carried out. (Nobody should be walking under an awning while repair crews are hard at work!)

Due to the location, construction personnel and vehicles would need to use the footpath, complicating the work site. With so little space available, we knew maintaining safety for all would be a challenge. But, with our certified expertise in traffic planning, safety standards and council regulations, TCMAP were up to the task.

A job well done

As licensed traffic control and traffic planning professionals, TCMAP were able to handle this tricky work site without a hitch. From drivers to pedestrians to workers, we provided for the safety of everybody involved with thorough planning and careful execution.

On this job, TCMAP proved once again that we have what it takes to provide a safe work site in challenging Sydney conditions. So if you have a Sydney traffic control job that needs real expertise, don't settle for less.

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